While Brooke Shields' sister hosts Thanksgiving, the actress is tasked with hosting the "big family" for a pre-Christmas dinner

By Sophie T. Stern
November 15, 2018 05:26 PM
Meiomi Sparkling Wine National release party, New York, USA - 13 Nov 2018
Credit: Neil Rasmus/BFA/Shutterstock

Brooke Shields‘ holiday planning just got a little easier.

The Suddenly Susan actress, 53, helped launch Meiomi sparkling wine, which, if nothing else, should help with the “spirit” of holiday beverage selection.

“Whenever I entertain or have anybody over at the house, I always make sure that I have a red, a white and a sparkling,” Shields told PEOPLE exclusively at Roman and Williams Guild.

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Meiomi Sparkling Wine : National Release Celebration
Brooke Shields
| Credit: Neil Rasmus/BFA/Shutterstock

While Shields’ sister hosts Thanksgiving, the actress is tasked with hosting the “big family” for a pre-Christmas dinner. Shields — who’s mom to daughters Grier Hammond, 12, and Rowan Francis, 15 — said that her children’s enthusiasm helps keep the holidays memorable.

“The kids, they love the tradition,” she told PEOPLE. “Whether it’s hot chocolate, or decorating the tree, or eating cranberries or popcorn or whatever it is. You initiate these traditions, and then, later on, they crave them. It’s heartwarming to see. They want the magic of it. Not just the gifts, but actually having traditions.”

Shields added, “It was a gift to me for them to hold on to it and say, ‘When are we getting the tree? Can I put the star on? Can I do it?’ You take that and you think, ‘Oh, I created this.’ Because this is what I enjoy. And then you take it and you pass it on and they take what they want from it. But they hold on to it.”

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Brooke Shields
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The mother of two said that the biggest way parenthood has changed for her is the presence of social media.

“When they’re babies, you have a modicum of control because they’re babies and you’re the boss,” she said. “But you add social media into it, and by osmosis, things infiltrate their sweet, innocent minds. There’s so many different things that have changed just since our first daughter was born.”

Shields added, “It’s such a new landscape. It can be toxic.”

While most kids might prefer their parents post on social media less, Shields said her daughters want her to be even more active online.

“Their issue is that they think I should be on it more,” the star explained to PEOPLE. “They would like me to take a picture of every meal I eat, every emotion I have, every gesture I make. That’s their vernacular at this point. So they’re saying, ‘Mom, you need to do this.’ ”

Shields, on the other hand, isn’t having any of it. She said, “That’s not the way my face works. I’m not gonna do that with my face and I’m not gonna put bunny ears on my head and have a little bear nose. I don’t want to. It’s fine, but I’m 53. I don’t feel like doing that. It’s good for other people — I don’t judge. But I’m not gonna do it.”