They’re going to the races! Brooke Shields, husband Chris Henchy and daughters Rowan Francis, 6, and Grier Hammond, 3, pose for a quick photo as they arrive at Churchill Downs for the 135th Annual Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon in Louisville.

With her two girls’ personalities evident even in this photo, Brooke recently explained that they are quite different, but still a lot like mom!

“I’m really a blend of the two of them, but I’m more like Rowan because both of us are very aware of how things sound and how they seem. Like me, Rowan is self-aware at a very young age. Grier could care less about being liked. Whatever she wants is what she wants and it’s the most important thing. She doesn’t believe in softening her response. Rowan is like, ‘Okay, how do I navigate this?'”