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Updated June 25, 2008 03:30 PM
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When it comes to raising daughters Rowan Francis, 5, and Grier Hammond, 2, Brooke Shields says it’s important to her that the girls understand beauty is more than skin deep. Once named ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,’ herself, Brooke tells The Daily Mail "obviously, I think [Rowan and Grier] are the most beautiful creatures in the world … but I try not to tell them that all the time." Instead, Brooke says she hopes to improve their self-esteem with positive affirmations like ‘You’re smart’ or ‘What a strong girl you are’ or ‘What wonderful manners you have!’ She added,

Being a mom has brought the 43-year-old actress "an intensity of love" she says she’s never felt before, something that is reaffirmed for her each and every day.

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Becoming a successful actress while still a teenager, Brooke had become accustomed to a lifetime of success. When she struggled to conceive a baby with husband Chris Henchy, however, she was forced to accept that not all things would come to her naturally.

After six attempts at in vitro fertilization Brooke became pregnant with Rowan, a time in her life that Brooke says was "happy, happy, happy like you would not believe." It stands in stark contrast to what she experienced after Rowan’s birth, however, when she found herself battling postpartum depression.

Much of what she felt during that time — which she chronicled in the bestselling book Down Came The Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression — was "so absurd," Brooke says she "can only laugh about it now."

Source: Daily Mail; Photo by Flynet.