Brooke Burke's Encounter With Sandbox Etiquette

Last weekend was one to be remembered for the Burke-Charvet family. With David spending time with friends in Las Vegas, Brooke headed out with her girlfriends Friday evening to wine and dine.

After a night spent swapping stories and sipping on drinks, Brooke blogs that she may have consumed a bit “too much wine” — but paid for it in full the morning after!

Undeterred by their late night festivities, Brooke and her friends packed up the kids and headed out to a local park Saturday morning.

Despite the playground swarming with paparazzi, Brooke was determined to enjoy the day with her family. “I didn’t want it to take away from the kids’ fun,” she writes of the photographers. “It’s kind of sad that I don’t spend as much time with them in that area, simply because of the hassle with all of the paparazzi.”

Enjoying the sunshine, Brooke admits that she was in for quite a surprise when she realized it was not the paps who were set on spoiling the day, but rather a fellow mom!

“The real killer was the RUDE mother in the sandbox that wouldn’t let any of the kids use her child’s sand toys. She actually took a shovel away from Rain and Rain kept asking me, ‘Why mommy?'”

Luckily for the kids, it was Brooke to the rescue! Taking a quick time-out to run across the street and stock up on toys for the rest of the children to enjoy, Brooke can’t help but be flabbergasted by the examples — or lack thereof — set by parents. “It’s amazing how a grown up can behave that way,” she notes. “Talk about NO sandbox etiquette!”

The busy weekend finished off with Brooke and David enjoying a birthday bash with a few of their friends, followed by a family fish barbecue. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! “Life quickly returned to the Malibu norm by sunrise, too bad every great night has to end!” Brooke writes.

Neriah, 9, and Sierra Sky, 7, are Brooke’s daughters with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher, while Heaven Rain, 2, and Shaya Braven, 13 months, are her children with fiancé David Charvet.

Source: Baboosh Baby

— Anya

Brooke is wearing Free People’s Peace Dove Angel Tee ($88).

A second photo from the day — this time with Rain — is below.

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