By peoplestaff225
Updated February 19, 2008 10:00 PM

We recently spoke to Brooke Burke, creator of Baboosh Baby, a new line of postpartum belly wraps, stretch-mark oils, organict-shirts and recycled diaper bags, as well as mom to daughters Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra Sky, 5 ½, and Heaven Rain, 13 months.

The 36-year-old actress, model, and TV host and her fiancé, actor David Charvet, 35, are currently awaiting the birth of their first son, due in March 15th, although Brooke expects him earlier due to complications.

Brooke was very friendly and open during the interview, willing to answer all of your questions with well thought-out responses. She discussed her Baboosh Baby line, pregnancy, parenting, and more.

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Baboosh Baby

You had mentioned last year that you had heard of the idea of stomach wrapping from your mother-in-law, Christiane, who had suggested the use of an ACE bandage to you after the birth of Rain. How does Tauts improve upon the ACE bandage method? What makes it different?

I would like to know what kind of consultation process went into making the Tauts belly bands. Did you consult with designers, medical practitioners, etc?

The Baboosh Baby website recommends that Tauts are not used by women who’ve had c-sections. Unfortunately, it looks like my breech baby will not be turning and I’m going to have to have one, even though I’ve already ordered my Tauts. I was wondering if Tauts may be safe for me after all? Why is it that they are not recommended for women who have to deliver surgically?

I really appreciate that you’re offering organic products like your tees at affordable prices –- hard to find sometimes! Why is organic important to you?

Can you tell us a bit about your new media venture? I used to watch you all the time on Wild On… and Rock Star, and I’ve missed you on my TV screen!



You’ve mentioned that this pregnancy with your son was a surprise, but that four children was what you wanted. What is it about a big family that appeals to you?

In a recent blog entry,you mentioned going to the tanning salon to get some color. I’m havingmy maternity portraits taken next month, and would love some color, too.Do you do a spray tan or a bed?

I love your casual maternity style. Where do you shop for your day-to-day pieces?


I’m almost 30 and can’t stop putting off having kids. I have afabulous husband, but I’m worried about feeling sexy again after I havethem. Any advice?

After Rain’s birth, David was snapped by paparazzi loading the placenta into the car. What did you do with it? I’ve been so interested in knowing because we planted our son’s and are growing a tree!



I was wondering which child transition was hardest for you? Personally, I felt going from one to two was scary and hard, where as when #3 and #4 arrived, it was a breeze.

I love the way you dress Neriah, Sierra, and Rain! I waswondering if you have any great finds for infant and children’sclothes, and your favorite shoe brands.


Does David speak his native French with Rain, or plan to teach her?

I was surprised to read that you are Jewish! Are you and [ex-husband] Garth Fisher/David raising the kids in the faith?

I had breast enhancement surgery, and in my 8 months of nursing my son, I have been really surprised at the misinformation that’s out there. Aside from some supply issues, which I read is common among moms with implants, we’ve had a great experience. I was wondering if you hit any roadblocks yourself, and how long you ended up nursing your girls?

Brooke, my family situation is much like yours, but I’m in the beginning stages – divorced in ’06, engaged again and pregnant with #3, my fiancé’s first child. My fiancé is very involved with my older kids, and we’ve kind of become a three parent family. I’m hoping you can share how your older daughters deal with being the children of divorce, how they handle their relationship with both their father and David, as well as Rain, and how you balance things without toes being stepped on.