Brooke Burke says baby #4 will be her last


Saying that she feels like a "baby factory," a pregnant Brooke Burke recently sat down with Mom Logic to discuss life with her three daughters and fiance David Charvet, and whether or not she’s ready to close the factory doors for good after baby #4 arrives. Said Brooke, 36,

I feel like I’ve been pregnant my whole life.  I’m perfectly happy with three, and I’m excited about the fourth, but I think this is it!

Mom to Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra, 5 ½, and Rain, 11-months, Brooke says that she knows "people are wondering" what "crazy, hippie" name she and David will choose for their next child, due in March. She also spoke a little more about Rain’s projectile vomit incident last July 4th, and her new family tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree. Added Brooke,

That’s something I always wanted to do as a little girl, and I never got to do, so it was always kind of a vision for me to have my family in that light.

Her new baby line Baboosh Baby — a French term of endearment — is so-named because it’s what she and David call Rain, Brooke said. Among the items available is a ‘Taut’ (starting at $56) a belly wrap Brooke used after the births of all her daughters which yielded extremely enviable results! While noting that the invention has "been around for centuries," Brooke said that she wanted to re-introduce women to the concept because "not only does it help with the swelling of the uterus but it feels good for all that baggy baby skin."

I swear by it and I’ll do it again as soon as I have this baby.

The motivation behind Baboosh Baby is two-fold, Brooke says.

I started the website not to open a store and launch products; I really wanted to start a network for women to come to for information, to laugh, to learn.  Most importantly, I came up with several things that I know worked for me during my four pregnancies that I wanted to share.

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