Brooke Burke On The 'Circle of Life'

As she prepared earlier this month to celebrate the second birthday of her third daughter, Heaven Rain Charvet, television personality Brooke Burke couldn’t help but rave about baby girl. “As I was watching Rain today I was so touched,” Brooke, 37, wrote on her blog. “We are so blessed to have her and all our children. She is exceptionally loving and affectionate, and is totally filled with joy.” Her pleasant demeanor is no doubt a reflection of her surroundings, which Brooke took note of.

“I find myself and [fiancé] David [Charvet], giving her all of the things we didn’t have as children. She definitely got the father I never had. I suppose that is the circle of life.”

The low-key party was being planned for the couple’s backyard, consisting of “balloons, fun food, a jumper, bubbles and the usual mommy and me games,” according to Brooke. Guests included family and children of all ages since Rain “hasn’t made many friends of her own yet.” As for the guest of honor? From the sound of things, she wouldn’t be too hard to spot! Reveals Brooke,

“I just bought her a tutu and a t-shirt that says, ‘It’s My Party.’ So corny, but too cute to resist.”

In addition to Rain, Brooke and David are parents to 10 ½-month-old Shaya Braven. Brooke is also mom to Neriah, 8 ½, and Sierra Sky, 6 ½, from a previous marriage.

Source: Baboosh Baby

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