Brooke Burke on her births and having the experience you want


Actress Brooke Burke, 36, has been blogging throughout her fourth pregnancy (baby’s due on March 15th) on her Baboosh Baby site. In her latest entry, she discusses her birth experiences with her daughters, and how to prepare for the experience you want with your own births.

Hi, it’s 4:00 am. I’ve been up with Sierra all night who is sick now too.  It seems to be passing through my family one by one.  I can’t sleep so I thought I’d write.  I am also going through that stage of tossing and turning, switching from side to side, and dreaming of labor! I cannot wait to meet my baby.

I went to an amazing premiere a few nights ago called "The Business Of Being Born."  It’s a documentary by Ricki Lake about the birthing process and the many choices we have.  It was very emotional, informative and shocking in many ways.  The information it provided for expectant mothers was eye opening and a bit disturbing. 

It was pro home birth.  I used to think I wanted to experience that, but I was quickly talked out of it by my ex [Garth Fisher] who is a doctor, and very conservative.  It turns out that I delivered Neriah 5 weeks premature, and it would have been a very dangerous situation.  I went into labor with Sierra 3 weeks early, and I was induced with Rain for several reasons 2 weeks early. 

As much as the thought of a candle-lit, warm bath delivery at home sounds kind of cool; I think I feel safer in the hospital.  I have to admit though, after watching the film I really hope that all things happen naturally in my body and I can deliver without being induced. 

I think it is so important to have a birthing plan and go over it with your doctor. I know many women who have had a traumatic experience because of a lack of information, intimacy, and fear. 

Try to be as informed as possible before you get close to your due date about the process, get all your questions answered.  If a natural delivery is important to you, find out what your Dr.’s percentage of c-sections is, and how often he induces and why.  You can also have a doula present at your birth, in or out of the hospital. 

Sometimes what we imagine and wish for is out of our control because of unexpected circumstances or complications.  I don’t want to scare anyone, because labor is scary enough, but get informed, so you can have a beautiful experience.

Love, Brooke

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When it was time for you to deliver, did you feel as informed as you could given your circumstances?

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