Brooke Burke Blogs About Switching Rain's Preschool

It seems like just yesterday that Heaven Rain Charvet — the 2-year-old daughter of Brooke Burke and David Charvet — was gearing up to start preschool, and already she’s a well-travelled student! In a recent blog entry, Brooke writes that “although Rain was very happy at her other school” the couple made the decision to enroll her in a new program that offers early Jewish education. Brooke’s older daughters Neriah, 9 and Sierra Sky, 6 ½, both attended a Jewish Early Childhood Center (ECC) “and the program was full of love and valuable lessons,” she writes. “David and I felt that the new place would be a better choice for our family.”

The new school brought with it some big changes for Rain. A longer day — 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. — meant that naptime would now take place at school, and of course there would be new teachers to meet and new friends to make. Brooke says her youngest daughter made the transition with ease, however, thanks to some thoughtful prep-work by her parents. “Friday I spent the afternoon with Rain at the school for a special event, which helped to familiarize her with the area,” Brooke explains. “I spoke a little with her over the weekend about her going to a new school , and mentioned her teachers’ names several times.”

“We … packed lunch together and chatted about eating with new friends. I think ‘fun talk’ about anything new is super important, and a well prepared child adjusts much easier.”

Neriah adjusted to preschool with ease, while Sierra took a bit more time to warm-up to her new surroundings. Rain, Brooke reveals, “approached the day with enthusiasm!”

“She kissed me goodbye, and I watched my phone for the next two hours thinking she may need me. She didn’t. It was harder for me than her, which I have found to be true in many cases. I picked up a happy Rain, and I was so proud of her and how well adjusted she is.”

Noting that “every child is different,” Brooke admits that she, herself, was “kicked out of many preschools” because she simply “could not adjust.” She goes on to advise readers to “hang in there if you are going through this tough stage, and count your blessing if you are flying through it!”

In addition to the girls, Brooke is mom to 12 ½-month-old Shaya Braven.

Source: Baboosh Baby

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