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Updated June 23, 2008 02:30 PM

Although she was a frequent blogger during her fourth pregnancy, since the birth of son Shaya Braven three months ago, it seemed as though actress Brooke Burke disappeared! Not so, she writes. Between adjusting to a new baby, parenting her three daughters, and moving into her and fiancé David Charvet‘s newly constructed home, Brooke explained that she "just surfaced" in June, saying that other new moms "know where I’m coming from" and to "hang in there!"

Discussing her recent speech at a Pregnancy Awareness Month event, Brooke, 36, shared that she "had to laugh" when they asked her to chat about the work/home balance, saying she had "a hard time giving advice" — her best tip is that "everything is curable with love."

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Brooke also broached a topic well-known to every mother — guilt. Revealing that she is "a different mom the fourth time around," the model, who also has daughters Neriah, 8, Sierra Sky, 6, and Heaven Rain, 18 months, shared that there’s a lot less of her time and attention to go around, "after you do the math."

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