Brooke Burke tries to find more one-on-one time with daughters

Brooke Burke has her hands full with three kids and another one due to arrive on March 15th. That is why her New Year’s resolution is to have more one-on-one time with daughters Neriah, 7 ½, Sierra Sky, 5 ½, (with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher) and Heaven Rain, 1 today, (by fiance, actor David Charvet).

The 36-year-old recently blogged at her site Baboosh Baby about making enough time for everyone.

Seriously, I want to try to spend more quality time with my family.  Anyone who has more than one child knows how difficult it can be to schedule one on one time.  It seems to be REALLY important to my girls. 

I have scheduled "special" one night trips with each of them, separately. Even if time only permits checking into a local hotel.  They do not know the difference, its all about packing that bag, having alone time with Mommy, and of course jumping on the hotel beds and ordering room service. 

Yesterday, I took Sierra to a play day, had lunch alone with Neriah and then we went to Color Me Mine to paint pottery.  It is such a different dynamic when you get your children alone.

The television host also said she received the best advice from a child psychologist as to how to handle it when a child asks, ‘Mommy, what if you don’t have time for me any more, when the baby comes?’ — tell the kids about the secret of mommies! And that is exactly what Brooke did when one of her kids asked that question.

‘Do you want to know the deepest secret of the mommies?’ I asked her. ‘Mommies have a special power, and no matter who needs them, and how much love their family needs, mommies have a special gift to give as much love as everyone needs. So never worry, because I will always have enough for you.’

Along with her other New Year’s resolutions, Brooke made an additional one. She said,

To try not to get pregnant again. LOL.

To read the rest of Brooke’s entry, visit Baboosh Baby.

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