Brittany Matthews and fiancé Patrick Mahomes welcomed their first child — daughter Sterling Skye — in February

Brittany Matthews' top priority is her baby girl at the moment.

The 25-year-old fitness trainer, who welcomed daughter Sterling Skye with fiancé Patrick Mahomes in February, opened up about life as a new mom in a Instagram post on Friday, sharing that her workouts have taken a backseat since the birth of her child.

"Just me over here still trying to get on a consistent workout schedule😬," Matthews began in the caption, sharing several video clips of herself working out.

"Working out has just not been a huge priority for me right now, even though I really am ready to get my body and strength back, but Sterling is just my main focus🥰👶🏼," she continued.

Instead, according to Matthews, she's been focusing on getting Sterling onto "on a consistent nap/sleep schedule (HIGHLY RECOMMEND STARTING FROM DAY 1 TO ALL YOU NEW MAMAS OUT THERE!! Thanks to @4theloveofsleep ☺️) so this Mama can get a consistent schedule going as well."

"So that's my life update for now, will check back later❤️😘," she added.

Patrick Mahomes and family celebrate Easter
Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews and daughter Sterling
| Credit: Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

Last month, the former professional soccer player shared footage of herself doing squats while holding Sterling in her arms. The clip was part of a video compilation that looked back on her journey to motherhood.

"The most amazing journey, to bring the biggest blessing into our life," she wrote alongside the clip, which showed Matthews performing the same exercise routine throughout her pregnancy — including on the day before she got induced.

"Baby girl, we love you!" Matthews added of her daughter.

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In a postpartum update shared in late March, Matthews also shared that Sterling has rarely left her side during their first month together.

"[For those] that are so concerned about where Sterling has been or if we've been leaving her or what she looks like and when we're gonna post a photo ... she's been with us everywhere we go," Matthews said on her Instagram Story. "I haven't left her for more than a few hours because I'm breastfeeding, so I either need to feed her or pump every three or so hours."

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahones with daughter Sterling Skye
| Credit: Brittany Matthews/instagram

Matthews and Mahomes, who got engaged last year, recently took Sterling out to her first baseball game to watch Kansas City Royals kicked off their season.

"Opening Day💙 #goroyals," Matthews captioned photos from the game, which showed Sterling wearing a shirt with Mahomes' name and jersey number on it.

The family also celebrated the first home game for the Kansas City NWSL, a soccer team co-owned by Matthews, together this week.