Britney's Birthing Plan

While it’s nice to know that Britney isn’t going the planned c-section route, and it’s good to have a birth plan in mind, as far as what you would and wouldn’t like to happen-I think Britters here is taking it a little too far, if this article, sent in by Lisa, Jennifer, and Shelly, is to be believed. Some of the highlights:

-Britney wants to give birth in the room pictured, in an unnamed hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona (probably makes the room you gave birth in look like a shoebox, huh?)

-Rooms on either side of Britney are to be cleared (What, no one can hear her push? What if someone has to give birth in a hallway or something? Can they even deny someone a room because of Britney-is that legal? Unless this is a private hospital.)

-The room should be prepped with, not red, not pink, but yellow and white roses when Britney arrives to give birth (because that will matter in the throes of a contraction!) After, a catered meal is to be delivered-now that part, I can understand!

-Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff coming into contact with Britney while she is in labor must be background screened by hospital administration and Britney’s mother, Lynne. (This I can understand somewhat as well-can you imagine the paparazzi trying to don scrubs and get onto the labor and delivery floor or something crazy, just to get photos?)

So what do you guys think? Is she over the top, or just well prepared? Did you make a birth plan ahead of time-and did you end up following it?

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