Britney Spears and Sean Preston out and about in New York

Britney Spears and Sean Preston were spotted out and about in New York City yesterday – if the baby had not been with her, Britney may have been able to be a bit more incognito as she has dyed her black and added extensions! Britney Boards has all the photos here. Personally, I like her hair brunette, although more of the dark brown she had here rather than black.

Also, regarding the hair dye…You can go back and see what we said the first time Britney dyed her hair while pregnant, back in April 2005, or just check out this answer from – it says that since dye can be absorbed through the scalp, it may be best to hold off on coloring during the first trimester, but that it’s fine to resume during the second and third. Since Britney’s heading into her third trimester, she’s good to go, so no debates please!

Photo Source: TMZ – they also have video of Kevin, Britney and Sean leaving their hotel.

Thanks to CBB readers Bella, Vera, Mary Beth, Deanna, Karrie, Tamika and MD.

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