Britney Spears in OK! Magazine

Britney Boards has scans from the latest issue of OK! Magazine, which Britney did a photoshoot for about two weeks ago. She showcases her bump in a few photos, and did a short interview. Highlights include:

What do you think the advantages are of being a younger mom?
My mom was a young mom, and I’ve looked up to her. I just feel that it’s so important to instill so many good beliefs in your children. I think I’m younger doing that-I’ll have more energy in being able to bring up more positive kids than if I’m 40! But there are parents that are 40 that do a damn good job. I always wanted to be a young mom.

Do you know the sex of the baby yet?
We don’t know. I dont care, as long as it’s healthy. That’s all that matters.

Were you surprised how quickly you became pregnant after Sean Preston?
Yes, very surprised, but I was excited! I was a little scared at first becauseI was shocked because it was so soon. I was like, Its okay-I love boo boos!

Have you thought about how many kids you would like to have?
I could have three. If I did have three, I would wait a lot to have the next one.

How did Kevin react when he found out you were pregnant again?
He was a little shocked (laughs). He was like, Whatever you want to do, baby! He’s like, I’m excited for you! Let’s just go for it.

She also says this pregnancy is easier than her first.

Thanks to CBB readers Aline and Bella.

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