Britney Spears trips holding Sean while swarmed by paparazzi

Update again: TMZ has posted video of the stumble and of Britney crying in the FAO Schwartz Cafe after. Other reports state that she left New York and returned to California early this morning because she was so distraught. Poor girl, she can’t catch a break lately. Although the car seat incidents were more blameable offenses, this was truly an accident. If you watch the video, the entire thing took a split second to occur. Meanwhile, I love this pic of Sean looking up into Britney’s face while she’s crying. Very sweet.

Danielle Updates: TMZ has video of Britney at a restaurant just after the incident. Towards the end, she breaks down crying. They also have photos.

Originally posted May 18:
Unfortunately, Britney Spears made a media splash again today. This afternoon’s incident occurred while Britney was attempting to leave the Ritz Carlton hotel in New York City while carrying Sean Preston and a drink. As she was swarmed by onlookers and paparazzi, Britney tripped on the heel of her sandal, losing her balance and causing Sean’s head to fall back, making him lose his hat.

After the incident, TMZ, who has exclusive video of the trip that they will post tomorrow night at 7 pm, claims that Britney said, "This is why I need a gun." Britney also posted on her official website, changing the front page to a photo of herself and her dancers giving the finger, alongside a poem/song called "Remembrance of Who I Am." It has since been removed, but you can see what was posted here and here.

Visit TMZ to see second by second photos of the incident as it occurred.

Also, Britney Boards has photos of Britney and Sean at Tao last night, as well as pregnant Britney leaving her hotel this morning, sans Sean.

Photos posted courtesy of Us Weekly and TMZ.

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