I’ve just finished watching Britney Spears’ Dateline interview that aired last night, but I’m sure everyone has already seen it or read about it on other blogs. Therefore, I’m just posting the child related highlights. You can read the majority of the transcript online at MSNBC, or watch it here: Parts 1 2 3 4.

-Britney did not want to talk specifically about 9 month old Sean Preston. When asked by Matt Lauer to describe her son, Britney looked uncomfortable and replied, "We’ll make this interview about, um, other stuff now if that’s okay. I love my son, and that’s great, but I wanted to touch on some things with my husband because of the tabloids, but I really try to keep my baby out of this whole thing." Although I, like most everyone else, would love to hear about Sean, I liked that Britney stood firm about this, as well as what she would or wouldn’t say about the highchair incident.

-When asked how far along she is with baby number two, Britney replied, "I am…" then looked like she was calculating weeks along in her head before saying, "Ooh! I don’t know. I think 6 to 7 months." She also said she doesn’t know what the sex of the baby is, and isn’t planning to find out because she wants to be surprised. (She said the same thing while pregnant with Sean, although she did end up finding out the sex before his birth). When Matt asked if she was due in September, Britney confirmed with an "uh-huh."

-Britney says motherhood is amazing and more than she could have imagined. She says, "You could possibly never realize you could love something that much."

– She explains each of the incidents that she has come under fire for as of late.

-In the end, Britney says that she is "so blessed" with Sean, remarking that he’s "the happiest thing that’s ever—it’s like a miracle." She then says that she just wants as normal a life as possible for him, and she will "manage it and create it" to make a normal life happen for her son, because "where there’s a will, there’s a way."