By peoplestaff225
Updated April 19, 2006 09:30 PM

According to MSNBC gossip columnist Jeannette Wall, Britney Spears is considering suing the manufacturer of the high chair that son Sean Preston supposedly took a tumble from. Brit’s story about Sean’s head injury is that as her nanny was lifting him from it when "something snapped."

According to a family insider that In Touch Weekly quotes, "The chair’s back broke. She’s going to see if there was a fault in the chair."

I am highly skeptical of the story because as many readers have noted in the comments of the post, if it was the high chair, why not release the brand of the high chair? Also, I know that from lifting Anya from her high chair, even if the back or any piece broke, there is no way I could drop her on her head. I have a feeling that Sean was either not belted in and fell or something else happened, completely unrelated to the high chair.

Note: The high chair pictured is used as just an illustration. However, if this is the one she has, I would not be surprised if Sean fell from it. A high chair like this is 5 minutes away from a recall! I know our parents used high chairs like these with us but that was back in the day when car seats looked like tubs with a seat belt (and even then they only threw them in the backseat!).