Britney Helps Jamie Lynn Celebrate at Baby Shower

The mom-to-be enjoys a bash in Kentwood, La., at the family's Serenity mansion

Photo: INF; DS-ISM/TOM/Flynet

It was a family affair Saturday as mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears was feted with an intimate baby shower in Kentwood, La.

About 30 guests were invited – including big sis Britney – to Kentwood for a ladies-only, catered celebration for the 17-year-old at the family’s Serenity mansion. (Spears hadn’t been back to her hometown since her aunt’s funeral early last year.)

“Jamie Lynn opened every gift,” says a source, adding that mom Lynne and fiancé Casey Aldridge’s mother lent a hand. “We all sat in a circle and she opened gifts and thanked every person. It was just a good old-fashioned baby shower.”

In March, the Zoey 101 star registered for baby booty at Babies “R” Us.

Though sheriff’s deputies were posted at the gate and paparazzi circled in helicopters, “it was a normal shower,” says the source. “A wonderful, sweet occasion.”

Reporting by RUTH LANEY

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