British TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher's delight at baby surprise and her plans for an active pregnancy

by British correspondent Joanna:

British sports presenter and fitness fanatic Kirsty Gallacher is pregnant with her first child. She and her rugby player partner, Paul Sampson, will welcome their new arrival in December. Although the pregnancy was unplanned and came as a bit of a shock at first, both Kirsty and Paul are really pleased to be expecting a baby after five years together.

Kirsty, who recently presented the celebrity show-jumping challenge Only Fools on Horses, has been experiencing some nasty bouts of morning sickness…and not just in the mornings! This has meant that she hasn’t been able to follow her normal exercise regime until now.

Kirsty is a self-confessed gym bunny and firmly believes that pregnancy should not stop women from exercising or following a healthy diet. She is also hoping that doing so will ease the pain of childbirth and help her regain her figure afterwards. Speaking in the Daily Mirror, Kirsty says: "Keeping fit while you are pregnant is not just good for the body and keeping your muscle tone – it also helps when you give birth because your body is stronger. Plus you get your figure back much quicker afterwards, which is a big bonus.”

Source: The Daily Mirror

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