British actress Angela Griffin offers advice for simplifying the holidays

As mom to two little girls — 3 ½-year-old Tallulah and 6-month-old MelissaAngela Griffin has figured out that shopping online is key when it comes to surviving the holidays. Says Angela,

I started my Christmas shopping the day before yesterday with a big online shop, and that’s how I plan to carry on. Online shopping is so much easier than braving the shops and crowds, particularly when you’ve got young children in tow.

Although still very young, Angela’s daughters are already taking part in Christmas traditions that are reminiscent of Angela’s own childhood.

We have a traditional fireplace in our house, so the girls and I bake some biscuits together to leave for Santa, along with some carrots and celery for Rudolph, then they hang up their stockings, and we head off out to a carol service.

The 31-year-old former Coronation Street star has a variety of suggestions for how to both simplify your holidays and save money in the process. Among them are having your children make Christmas cards instead of sending store-bought greetings, and giving your kids a present of new pajamas on Christmas Eve "just for Santa’s visit" — to make bedtime easier.

Source: BabyExpert

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