Source: Hello! Magazine, March 25, 2008 issue.

British actor Oliver Tobias, 60, and his wife Arabella Zamoyska, 34, are expecting their second child together in June. The couple have son Luke, 4, after whose birth Arabella suffered from severe postpartum depression and a nervous breakdown, and has since made great recovery. Oliver and Arabella talked to Hello! about the troubling times in their lives, but also of their joyous moments.

Oliver also has daughters Anjelika, 24, and Celeste, 20, with ex-wife Camilla Ravenshear; however, Camilla recently revealed that Celeste's father is actually Julian Metcalfe, co-founder of the Pret a Manger chain of sandwich shops. The news didn't make a difference,

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On having another baby after severe postpartum depression:

On turning a corner:

On planning to have a second child:

On worries that old problems may resurface:

What made her seek help after Luke's birth:

On coping as father and son:

On feeling suicidal:

On what brought about their reconciliation:

On being in "the best place" now:

Source: Hello! Magazine, March 25, 2008 issue.

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