Brie and Nikki Bella Open Up About Their Respective Fertility Struggles

"I think the universe was telling me something — like, 'It's not a great time to have another baby,' " Brie Bella said of conceiving baby No. 2

Twin sisters Brie and Nikki Bella are getting candid about their experiences with fertility.

Speaking with Health for its latest issue, the Total Bellas stars, 36, opened up about plans for more children — a concept Brie, who is mom to 2-year-old daughter Birdie Joe, said she goes “back and forth” on.

“We were trying for eight months, and I couldn’t get pregnant,” she said. “I was stressed, and it wasn’t happening. There were a couple times that I was so late and was sure I was pregnant. Then I would get my period and bleed really badly.”

Brie added: “I think the universe was telling me something — like, ‘It’s not a great time to have another baby.’ ”

Nikki, who’s currently dating her former Dancing with the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev, said that while she’s not ready for motherhood just yet, she does hope to have children in the future.

“I definitely want to be a mom one day, but I don’t want it now,” she said. “I’m in this unfortunate situation where I’m 36 and everyone is reminding me, ‘Your eggs, your eggs!’ So I’m freezing my eggs.”

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Bella Twins
Nikki Bella (left) and Brie Bella. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

However, the former WWE wrestler revealed she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, a hormonal disorder that can affect reproductive chances.

“I also found out I have PCOS — it kills your fertility. I’m getting brown spots all over my face, acne, weight fluctuations and hair loss,” she said. “I actually just found out and was devastated. You research it, and there is no cure.”

The Total Divas star added: “I just pray I have some fertile eggs left and that I can still be a mom. So, yes, I do feel like being a mom is in my future. I am just not sure how soon.”

Meanwhile, Brie, who shares her daughter with husband Daniel Bryan, said the idea of a second child, though appealing, somewhat intimidates her.

“To be honest, I’d get these sweats thinking about how to travel with two. I hear going from one to two changes things big-time,” she said. “… We were talking about it, and think it would be amazing to see Birdie as a big sister. I just have to think about my career — and does it fit in now, or do I need to wait until my husband is home more?”

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On the other hand, Nikki said watching Brie juggle her career with motherhood slightly deterred her from her one-time baby fever.

“It’s crazy, I was yearning for a baby for so long,” she said. “In a way, Brie has been a great form of birth control because I love my career. I know it’s the same for Brie. When I see her balancing our career with being a mom — it’s the most exhausting thing to watch.”

Observing her sister in mommy-mode has only impressed the Total Bellas star, who said she admires Brie’s parenting.

“Brie is a kick-ass mom. I look at Birdie, and she is so well-educated, kind and funny, and I know where that comes from — it’s Brie,” Nikki said. “I’m so proud that she’s this amazing mom and also sits in the boardroom with me. She’s the real-life Wonder Woman.”

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