Brie Bella meets the parents of twin boys, Pablo and Hector, who have made the decision to accept breast milk donations

By Stephanie Petit
November 28, 2017 09:20 AM

New mom Brie Bella is sharing her breast milk with families who need it.

The WWE Divas Champion and her husband, WWE SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, visited a local hospital’s NICU in a preview clip from Wednesday’s new episode of Total Divas. Bella, 34, learned that while she’s able to feed daughter Birdie Joe on her own, many mothers struggle to produce enough breast milk for their babies.

She met the parents of twin boys, Pablo and Hector, who have made the decision to accept breast milk donations to help the babies through their six to eight weeks in the NICU.

“We decided to do donor milk right now, to accept it because, well, I just started trying to pump and I just get a little bit,” the boys’ mother explained. “We know that it has a lot of nutrients and it’s gonna help them a lot, with their growth and development.”

Credit: E!

Brie Bella meets with parents who are using donated breast milk for their twin boys

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As a twin herself with sister Nikki, Bella was especially touched by their struggle.

“I have extra milk and I don’t want it to stay in my freezer forever till I have to throw it away. If babies can benefit from it, then I want to do this,” she shared.

Before she left, an emotional Bella embraced Pablo and Hector’s mom.

“You’re going to help a lot of babies,” the father told Bella.

“It makes me so happy to know,” she replied.

Bella and Bryan became first-time parents to Birdie Joe on May 9. She weighed in at 8 lbs., 10 oz., measuring 21 inches long.

Bryan admitted much of his paternity leave was spent taking care of his wife more so than their new daughter.

“Shane has three boys, and he is so proud to be a father,” Bryan told Sports Illustrated of fellow WWE personality Shane McMahon, adding of the advice the latter has given him, “He talked to me a lot about how the most important thing as a father is to treat your wife the best you possibly can.”

Explains Bryan, 36, “Brie is taking care of the baby because I can’t breastfeed, so what can I do to take care of Brie?”

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Over the summer, Bryan revealed to E! that he has “loved every moment” of fatherhood so far, and that he has so much respect for Bella now that she will be doing much more of the parenting work when he’s traveling for his job.

“I consider it a supermom role,” he said. “She’s not really concerned about it too much. I think the biggest concern is not just the baby, but our two needy little Frenchie dogs, so taking care of them as well. But I think she’s going to be able to handle it.”

“This whole process has really made me respect parents — like my own parents — a lot more,” Bryan continued. “But also single parents because Brie and I are doing a lot of this together, so for those single moms or single dads, who are raising kids on their own, I just can’t even imagine. So, my respect for them has grown infinitely.”