Actress Bridgette Wilson-Sampras said that having children completely changed her outlook on nutrition and feeding herself and her family.

"Before I had kids, I would look at food labels, but I would only look at how many carbs and how much fat the food had. Then when I had my kids and I heard more about the pesticides and hormones in nonorganic food, I thought, ‘Wow!’ and it made me want to avoid putting things in my kids’ tiny, little bodies. In doing so, it transferred over to myself and my husband, so now the whole family eats organic."

She says she gradually made the transition in their kitchen, starting with the things the family ate most so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

As for what her two boys – Christian, 3, and Ryan, who turns a year old in two weeks – think of these new foods, Bridgette says that they don’t know the difference.

Bridgette married tennis star Pete Sampras in September 2000. She is a former Miss Teen USA and her recent films include Shopgirl and The Wedding Planner, but of course, her most famous role was as the object of Adam Sandler’s desire in Billy Madison.

Source: OK! Magazine, July 17, 2006 issue, page 73

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