Bridget Moynahan talks about pregnancy, motherhood in new video


In what is believed to be her first public comments on motherhood since giving birth to son John Edward Thomas Moynahan, 5 ½-months, actress Bridget Moynahan revealed recently that the pregnancy was by most accounts an easy one. The 36-year-old tells her good friend, fellow actor — and birth coach — Sam Harris that she experienced no morning sickness, gained little weight and that in general the process of carrying a baby "wasn’t difficult at all."

Carrying all the added emotional baggage of her break-up with professional football player Tom Brady while pregnant with his baby? That’s a different story entirely — though Bridget was hesitant to say so in as many words. When asked by Sam what was the hardest thing about being pregnant overall, Bridget paused, then laughed and said "You know what was the most difficult thing about the pregnancy!" To which Sam replied, "Bad question!"

Being a birth coach was "the most amazing experience, ever, ever" says Sam, who credited Bridget with being "pretty incredible" during the delivery. "Little John is perfection," Sam added, prompting Bridget to clarify, "and he’s not so little!" In an interview with the Boston Herald, Sam — who taped the segment in January as part of his ‘Friend Friday’ series of video blogs on YouTube — called his friend of 8 years "a mother bear."

[Bridget] has been a real trouper through all of this and her primary concern all the time is that baby…She loves that baby and will do anything to make sure that things are right for him. I admire her so much.

Sources: Boston Herald,

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