Brian Littrell talks about his little Backstreet Boy

Brian Littrell has spent his whole adult life in the spotlight as a member of the Backstreet Boys – and these past few years, his son Baylee, 3 1/2, has been along for the ride.

"He was with me the whole U.S., and even the Canadian version, of the Never Gone tour. He was on the tour bus the whole time – my wife and him. So he definitely knows who I am but he doesn’t call me a Backstreet Boy, he calls me Daddy – which is just fine by me."

He also acknowledges that fatherhood and marriage played a huge role in helping him branch out as an artist; last month, he released his first Christian album, Welcome Home.

"My values have changed. I’m in a selfless situation rather than a selfish situation because it’s not about me anymore, and that’s the way I want my career to be. "

Brian and his wife Leighanne have been married for nearly 6 years. Baylee is their first child.

Source: The Daily Show and andPOP

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