By peoplestaff225
Updated January 22, 2010 08:00 AM

Spending long days on set portraying John Crowley — a man on the verge of losing his critically ill children — gave actor Brendan Fraser a newfound appreciation for his “very healthy” sons Griffin Arthur, 7, Holden Fletcher, 5, and Leland Francis, 3 ½.

“Maybe, while doing the movie, I’d come home and hug my boys a little tighter,” the 41-year-old Extraordinary Measures star confesses to PARADE, before adding that he is an affectionate dad in any context.

Still, the thought of his children being “in any kind of jeopardy” causes Brendan distress. “It makes my heart stop beating,” he explains. “I mean, it really frightens me.” Much like John Crowley, Brendan says that he “would do whatever it takes to save them,” asking “what parent wouldn’t?”

Griffin, Holden and Leland are Brendan’s children with ex-wife Afton Smith.

Extraordinary Measures hits theaters Friday.

Source: PARADE