By peoplestaff225
Updated February 04, 2010 11:00 AM

In a recent appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, actor Brendan Fraser revealed that his three sons are “vastly, vastly different.”

Son Griffin Arthur, 7, “has red hair” and “[is] enormous,” Brendan, 41, reports, while son Holden Fletcher, 5, “is brunette and is running for mayor.” Youngest boy Leland Francis, 3 ½, “is a professional fire plug,” according to dad.

When asked if any of the boys appear to be destined for a career in Hollywood, Brendan opined that “all children are actors, and I think they are the best actors.”

Whether or not Griffin, Holden and Leland will use Brendan’s career for inspiration remains to be seen, however. “I think they’ve seen George of the Jungle,” he joked. “I know that. To tell you the truth, the first time they saw George of the Jungle they walked out!”

The boys are Brendan’s children with ex-wife Afton Smith. His new film Extraordinary Measures is in theaters now.

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