Which celebrity mom nursed her baby at a table at one of the most expensive of New York City’s fine dining establishments?

The New York Daily News ran a story on Sunday in which one of their reporters nursed her 3-month-old in various public places in New York City to gauge the kind of reception she would receive. After being welcomed at various locales, including the Apple Store and a city bus, and after nearly being booted out of Babies ‘R Us of all places, she made her way to Le Cirque – a Manhattan eatery known as much for its bold-name patrons as for its adult-only atmosphere.

Says reporter Tracy Connor: “A slightly chilly reception at the restaurant’s front desk – an admonition about crying babies – makes me think nursing in the lap of luxury will turn some stomachs. But it’s quite the opposite. There is a little buzz among the wait staff and a few older diners as Charlie noisily tries to latch on several times from an awkward position on the banquette next to the kitchen. But then everyone acts as though the suckling is as natural as a $100 lunch tab. Servers smile as they deliver bread, and one acknowledges the breast-feeding when I pull the baby off as my appetizer arrives.

"She’s saying, ‘Mommy, I want some more,’" the server says.

General manager Benito Sevarin tells me I’m hardly the first woman to breastfeed over four-star cuisine. "In fact, a few days ago we had a woman – a very famous woman, I won’t tell you her name – nursing her baby," he says. "There’s nothing wrong with it."

Any guesses as to which celebrity mom it could have been?

Click on the extended post to see who CBB thinks it was, based on a celebrity spotting last week.

We think it may have been Mira Sorvino, who Page Six reported was spotted nursing her four month old son Johnny at a NYC restaurant last week.