By peoplestaff225
Updated May 11, 2007 11:19 PM

Felicity Huffman chatted it up with the ladies of The View yesterdaymorning and revealed what her daughters Sofia, 6 1/2, and Georgia, 5,with husband William H. Macy, have in store for her on Sunday.Following tradition, the girls will don their chef hats and serve theirmom the most important meal of the day.

TheGeorgia Rule star also talked about her constant worry of her daughters resenting her when they get older, especially since she andLindsay Lohan have a testy mother-daughter relationship in the film.

In addition, theactress shared a humorous story from her late teens about anencounter between her mom and her then-boyfriend. Her mother was verylax, especially towards Felicity since she’s the youngest of eight, andfrequently allowed her boyfriend to spend the night. One morning, asFelicity stepped out of her room to take a call, her mom went in tocollect laundry, only to find her naked boyfriend hiding in the closet.

While Felicity’s not surewhat she would do should she find herself in the same situation withher girls, she thinks she knows how her husband would react.