Bravado! Designs: The Perfect Nursing Bras

When I was first trying to get the hang of nursing, the last thing I needed to worry about was finding a good bra so I made sure to invest in an Original Nursing Bra from Bravado! Designs.

Perfect for the first several months of breastfeeding when it seems like breasts are changing size every hour (and they are!), this bra offers super-comfortable support while you are still establishing your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. I had a severe oversupply and I loved that this bra never felt tight on me (which is something that you want from a nursing bra in order to prevent mastitis). I have been nursing for well over a year now and this, my first nursing bra ever, has withstood hundreds of washings. Bravado! sent me a new one of these bras in the cutest leopard print. I have to say I would never have picked this print out for myself but I love it. I feel very rocker mom when I am wearing it.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears are both fans of the Original Nursing Bra.

Recently I also received the Essential Nursing Tank. Until now I had only tried two other nursing tanks: the Target brand and the Motherhood Maternity one. I liked the Target one just fine but didn’t feel that it offered enough support for my large chest. I did not like the Motherhood Maternity one at all. It was way too tight and was a recipe for a breast infection.

The Essential Nursing Bra Tank is great. Not only does it have a molded, seamless bra on the inside that offers great support and shapes you nicely, but the design is really cute. It kind of gathers at the cleavage area and the nursing clips are really subtle (you wouldn’t even know they were nursing clips if you weren’t a savvy nursing mama yourself) but still easy to access. I can wear it as a shirt and no one is the wiser. I really love it. My one complaint is that they don’t make it in sizes larger than an E (DD) but hopefully by the time I get pregnant again they will have come out with larger sizes. I do plan on nursing through my next pregnancy and I would happily wear one of these everyday (the sizing is flexible so it’ll fit a growing belly) if they have it in my size by then!

Angelina Jolie isa fan of the Essential Nursing Bra Tank. She has a few in white, and as you have probably already noticed, manyin black.

I also received the Lifestyle Microfiber Bra (in hot pink – I love it!). This bra is great and I love wearing it to work. It’s seamless so you can’t tell that I’m wearing a nursing bra under my fitted shirts. Moms tell the people at Bravado! that this bra makes them feel sexy for the first time after having their babies and I concur.

Jennifer Garner is a huge fan of the Lifestyle Microfiber Bra having reordered it several times.

One more thing that I love about these bras is that it helps to know that I’m wearing a bra from a company that supports breastfeeding through year-round donations of products, gift certificates or money to various organizations and events that support breastfeeding. Product seconds (bras that are perfect to the naked eye but, for minor reasons, don’t meet the company’s strict quality standards for sale) are donated to women’s shelters, and fabric scraps are donated to elementary schools for craft projects. I’m a huge supporter of breastfeeding so I love knowing that some of the money I am spending on nursing bras is giving back to the cause.

All of these bras and more can be bought through the Bravado! Designs website at or at various retail locations acrossNorth America. Check the store locator to find the one nearest you.

— Teba

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