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Updated September 15, 2008 10:00 AM

Jon Furniss/WireImage

"Everything’s changed" since welcoming son Ammon 14 months ago, Brandon Flowers says. The 27-year-old frontman for The Killers — who named Ammon after a prophet in the Book of Mormon — feels that fatherhood has not only "solidified" his faith, it’s also forced him to look at his purpose in life quite differently. "[Being a dad] made me a lot less selfish … so it’s good," he says. "I love music, but I look at it more as my job now than I did."

In addition, Brandon says that he questions the motivations behind his actions more since becoming a parent, telling the Guardian that "there’s all kinds of s–t brewing in my brain." "I wonder if it’s weird that I get manicures," he jokingly wonders. "My dad didn’t get manicures, I don’t know if I should…Why do I? I dunno! Because they give you a massage at the end of it. It feels nice."

Ammon is the first child for Brandon and his wife Tana.

Source: Guardian