Pro wrestlers Brandi and Cody Rhodes announced in December that they are expecting their first baby, a daughter, together

Professional wrestler Brandi Rhodes can't wait to introduce her daughter to her magical new home.

The pregnant athlete, 37, who is expecting her first baby, a daughter, with husband Cody Rhodes, is giving PEOPLE an exclusive look inside her nursery and revealing the sweet meaning behind the Disney-themed room.

As "huge" Disney fans — Brandi tells PEOPLE that the couple has the "top of the tier membership to Disney" — the athlete says it only made sense that their daughter's room be filled with Disney memorabilia.

"This kid hopefully will like Disney, because if she does, she's got it made," Brandi says with a laugh. "We absolutely love it. It only makes it that much sweeter that now we're going to have a child to bring into it and see the wonder through her eyes."

The All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite stars, who tied the knot in September 2013, have been going to Disney since they first met while working for the WWE, Brandi says.

Brandi Rhodes nursery
Credit: Steve Yu

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"It's a staple of our life, and we've just become more and more ingrained in the culture," Brandi says.

The athlete explains that the idea for the themed nursery began with hanging the couple's Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears when returning home from their Disney trips.

"When we found out that we were having a baby, I thought that's the perfect room for her nursery to go in because it's already kind of started with those ears," Brandi says.

The nursery also features a hand-painted mural of her favorite Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie and Duffy (a popular Disney character in Japan).

Brandi shares that a tiny record player is also on display in the nursery as she is a "big fan of older music" and grew up in a musical house.

Brandi Rhodes nursery
Credit: Steve Yu
Brandi Rhodes nursery
Credit: Steve Yu
Brandi Rhodes nursery
Credit: Steve Yu

The soon-to-be mom says she and her husband, 35, can't wait for the arrival of their little girl.

"I just can't wait to see her and hold her and be able to start to get to know her as she grows up," Brandi says. "I'm really interested to find out what she's going to be interested in, what she's going to like, what she's not going to like. I feel like I was a really interesting kid, so we'll see what things are like with her."

The wrestling star jokes that she can already tell her daughter's "got a heck of a personality" as she's "kicking me nonstop all the time."

brandi and cody rhodes
Credit: Alana Joyner

As for her husband, Brandi teases that Cody doesn't have "any clue what he's in for."

"The main thing I'm looking forward to is watching him change a diaper for the first time, because he's very meticulous and detailed," she says. "I know he's going to get peed on."

The duo shared their exciting pregnancy news back in December with a sweet video during All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite.

"Cody and I are so excited and overwhelmed by this news," Brandi told PEOPLE at the time. "We've had seven exciting years of marriage, worked together to grow our careers and our core at AEW from the ground up, and now here we are embarking on another incredible chapter."

"We have always talked about it as a future, and it turns out that the future is now," she adds. "It's surreal that parenthood is right around the corner! We are ready and excited to dive right in."