By peoplestaff225
Updated September 16, 2008 06:00 AM

Braincandy Five Senses DVD Set

Television and babies is always a hot topic in our house and it’s an issue we had to examine more carefully after welcoming our second child, who is often inadvertently exposed to the cartoon-loving habits of his older, preschool-aged brother. Braincandy makes a terrific ‘Bundle Of Joy’ DVD set ($60) that has helped bridge the television divide between our boys, however. Focusing on the five senses, it uses simple images and concepts in a way that engages them both, in different ways, at the exact same time.

Sam, almost 2, is becoming aware of his various body parts and how they work; When he watches Braincandy’s ‘Hear My World’ DVD, for example, he’s constantly tugging at his ears so I know he’s making that connection. Owen, 4, is very curious about what he’s seeing; he wants to know why honey is sticky, why lemon is bitter, etc. etc. He’s admittedly at the upper reaches of the age-range for this set but for now, he is captivated, and he keeps us captivated with his questions.

These DVDs (which also include ‘Touch My World, ‘Taste My World,’ ‘Smell My World‘ and ‘See My World,’ available individually at $15 each) are not flashy or overdone, and I like that. The whole notion of planting a baby in front of some Chopin and a bunch of black and white graphics always seemed cold to me. With the Bundle Of Joy DVD set, your kids are going to be seeing and hearing the things they see everyday…but presented in a way that makes the everyday much more interesting. Also, as a bonus, Little Bruce Brain — a fun hand puppet who hosts each of the DVDs, and who my boys are both officially obsessed with — is available for purchase for $13.