Brady Wilkerson's First Birthday Fun!

Update: Melissa answered a few of your questions from the comment section:

“Hi there,

I’ve worked for the Disney company for over 13 years. My show [Sabrina the Teenage Witch] was on ABC, I’ve done two TV movies for ABC Family (My Fake Fiancé airs April 19th), and they also aired Tying the Knot [my wedding series]. So they take good care of me and my family — but we do trade pictures for park passes. They get us a wonderful tour guide to help make our day amazing and we get to skip lines which is incredible. The characters came out to see us, but they were inside at the Minnie Mouse breakfast with all the guests that were in the restaurant. However, like some of you have said, they treat all guests — and especially birthday guests — very special.

Brady’s look on his face cracks me up because it’s bordering on crying and laughing. He is unsure at that moment what he is feeling. So funny!

[As for the other questions,] yes, I changed my hair and cut some awful bangs that are just starting to look decent. They look weird in the pics because I had my “ears” on and Brady pulled them off! My necklace was a gift from a friend from Bellies N Babies.

Thanks and love,


Originally posted March 13th: Celebrating his first birthday at Disneyland, Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart Wilkerson got up close and personal with Winnie the Pooh during a visit to the California theme park on Thursday.

Joined by parents Mark Wilkerson and Melissa Joan Hart, along with 3-year-old brother Mason Walter, baby Brady enjoyed a Buzz Lightyear and Woody-themed cake!

Click below for a family shot!

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