Brad Pitt wants a soccer team of next year?

In a new interview, Brad Pitt revealed that he wants a whole football/soccer team of children. Why? So they can compete in t he next World Cup. Brad’s partner is Angelina Jolie and they have three children, Maddox, 5, Zahara, 21 months and Shiloh, 4 months. Here are some of the highlights:

On having more children:

"I’m not joking around. I have three kids now and next year i’ll have six. Nine. We’re looking for a soccer team. I want to compete in the next World Cup."

On the changes that come with parenthood:

"The change has been immense…I’ve become more clear on the direction i would like to take. Now there’s a real pride in understanding myself and what’s important to me."

Parenting has made his life faster:

"It makes you more efficient because you do everything faster. There’s no time for messing around."

Work or the kids?

"I still value the work I do, but at the same time i value more getting home to the kids."


Photo thanks to Splash News Online

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