Brad Paisley starting traditions this Christmas


Country singer Brad Paisley, 35, and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 36, are preparing for their first Christmas with son William Huckleberry, 10 months, and couldn’t be more excited. Brad said,

I’m looking forward to throwing down a gauntlet and saying, ‘We’re gonna start traditions,’ because in my family we’re the first ones with a baby. So I’m looking forward to being able to say, ‘Okay folks, this is how it’s gonna be. We built this nice farmhouse and you’re gonna come see us if you wanna see this baby.’

I never understood Christmas Eve gifts. How do you do thatin the age of Santa Claus? I’m looking forward to it because he’s goingto be 10 months old at Christmas and that’s old enough to tear paperoff things.

He’s going to get stuff I want, that’s what’s going to befunny. ‘Look, Star Wars figures, I know it’s ages 4 and up, but still,I will play with them until then.’

On item Huck will be receiving that he can enjoy before age 4 is a personal, videotaped greeting from Elmo, which Brad got while filming an appearance for Elmo’s Christmas Countdown.

It was surreal for me. Man, it’s like the Opry and then there’s Sesame Street. Ithink the greatest thing that day was Kevin, who does the voice ofElmo, came over and said, ‘Can I do a piece for your son?’ And theyrolled tape and he did a piece as Elmo talking to Huck. Kind of a’Hello Huck, welcome to the world.’ And it killed me, so we have thatfor whenever he cares about, which should be pretty soon.

Source:The Tennessean

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