When my daughter was an infant, she had colic. Real bad colic. And my husband had a great butt. The greatest butt he has ever had in our over-a-decade long relationship, in fact. This was no mere coincidence — because the only thing that would soothe my daughter, was walking up and down the stairs. Sometimes for hours. And being the awesome dad that he is, he would do this in the wee small hours. I praised both him and his bum!

Much as I enjoyed the side effects of this particular soothing method, it was exhausting and difficult for us sleep-deprived folks to routinely stairwalk at 4am. We really could have used a more stationary way to soothe our daughter with some gentle bouncing. Perhaps something we could have done with our eyes closed on occasion. We could have used the Bounce-a-Bye Baby ball from Luna Lullaby.

These big bouncy balls (similar to an exercise ball) sit in a stationary base and are designed to blend in with nursery decor. To soothe baby you simply take a seat and gently bounce. It’s quite amazing how quickly the motion soothes a fussy infant. They may also be used to ease labor as a birthing ball, and for exercising with after baby arrives. They come in three nursery friendly colors/designs. My poor husband once again has a trim bum, thanks to our current baby, due in about a month’s time. I’ve been on bedrest and he’s been running up and down the stairs frequently, once again. But as much as he enjoys staying fit, I’m sure my husband is going to love catching a break from stairclimbing. We can’t wait to use our Bounce-a-Bye Baby ball!