By peoplestaff225
March 22, 2008 07:00 AM

When I was in my first trimester of pregnancy there were certain, um, areas of my body that clearly revealed my secret. As one coworker put it, "you were either pregnant or you had just had a really great boob job." My breasts literally grew two bra sizes in a period of twelve weeks. It was quite out of control and no amount of pulling or pinning was going to keep the girls in their place. I quite wish I had discovered the Bosom Button back then, as it could have easily spared me those weeks of grief.

Essentially the Bosom Button is a pin embellished with a stone or gem that you pierce through your clothing (it fastens with a clutch at the back). You use them primarily to keep low tops from revealing to much but there are several other uses for them (check out the pictures on the site). I personally have been wearing mine with my wrap dresses which I used to have to wear tank tops underneath because they were showing off more than I wanted to put out on display. Available in ten different colors, you can buy yours in sets of three.

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