Born to Love Clothing: Totally loveable beanies

If we are accidental collectors of anything in this house, it is hats. I’m not even entirely sure how it all started; I suspect it begins with my husband and his stockpiling of 1970s-era NHL toques (don’t ask). Our 3 1/2-year-old was overly-picky with hats as a baby — needing the fit and feel to be ‘just so’ in order to survive the short walk from the house to the car — and we spent a small fortune trying to appease him. Our 1-year-old is reaping the benefits of his older brother’s fickle nature now, for sure. Suffice it to say there is no shortage of hats to choose from!

When we were asked to review a new line of knit beanies from Born to Love Clothing, we figured why not? What’s a few more hats on the pile? I’m so glad we did. Because there’s no way these hats stay in the pile for long.

The hats are stylish, well-made and totally fun to wear. Owner Felicia Munoz, a stay-at-home mom, writes on her website that she created Born to Love with the help of her husband after the couple were unable to find the style and quality of clothes that they wanted for their own son. I really like the knit; It’s stretchy enough to stay snug on their head but it doesn’t lose its shape no matter how many times the kids pull the hats on and off. It’s also deceptively warm … While it wouldn’t be the hat I’d choose to send them out into the snow to play in, it’s definitely fine for a normal winter’s day. The beanies are eye-catching as well. The small visors — which, because of their size, can be worn forward-facing, off to the side or even rear-facing with ease — and heart-halo-wings emblem are sure to get your kids a second glance at the mall or playground.

The beanie is available in nine different styles/colors and five different sizes, ranging from 6-12M to 5-7T. Note, however, that the sizes run a bit small — Our 4-year-old comfortably wears the 5-7T size, while our 1-year-old is wearing the 2-3T. We sampled the custom argyle visor beanie ($22.50) and the standard waffle visor beanie in three colors: gray, black and tan ($20.50 each). Each was true to what is depicted on the Born to Love website. If you’re looking for a hat this winter with a little bit of an edge, this is the beanie for you!

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