Boon Oval Animal Bag: New Life For Old Stuffed Animals

It seems like every time I see a product from Boon, I have one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Boon’s Oval Animal Bag ($60) is a great storage solution for the stuffed animals that seem to multiply in the closet. Even the smallest version has a deceptively large capacity. We filled our bag with more than 25 animals of various sizes and still have room for more. When my son flops on the bean-bag-like chair, a couple of animals with sound effects are activated, making the Oval Animal Bag even more fun. Four zippered mesh panels make the animals visible (or maybe it’s so they can breathe) and the big zipper tabs are easy for 3-year-old Finn to unzip. The rest of the bag is made of very classy lime-green faux fur. I love bright colors in his room and how the Oval Animal Bag helps us keep it tidy.


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