Boogie Wipes: 'Snot your average wipe

As someone who never relied heavily on cold medicine I didn’t feel right giving them to my daughter and after the recent recalls, I think mostparents are looking for alternate solutions to ending their children’ssniffles.

In our house we rely heavily on a mix of saline spray, Vick’s VapoRub and a whole lot of nursing. During the heaviest part of the cold,poor Catie’s nose gets rubbed raw from all the tissues we use. Recently westarted relying on wipes since they are gentler but I hate knowing that allthose perfumes are touching the delicate skin on her face. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled todiscover Boogie Wipes, wet wipes that have saline added into theirunique formula to help relieve your child of, well, boogies.

The hypoallergenic wipes are not only alcohol free but theyalso contain Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe so they won’t leave your child’snose raw since they moisturize at the same time as they clean. We recently went through two of these packagesof wipes when all three of us came down with a cold and I have to say that I willnever go through another cold without them.

At $3.99 you have no reason not to stock up. Check out www.boogiewipes.comfor more information (like local retailers if you are on the West Coast) orto order them online.

Exclusively for CBB Reviews Readers: 20% off allorders with code Boogie Time.

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