8 Boo-tastic Halloween Photo Tips

Check out our easy-to-follow photo tips from How Fast Time Flies.

Who says taking Halloween photos of your little monster has to be scary? To make sure you get the best shot possible, we tapped How Fast Time Flies and expert photographer, Jennifer Chaney, for their top tips. Check them out below:

Take action shots. Kids getting dressed in costumes, dancing, or just being goofy. Fun pictures are so much more entertaining than a straight-on picture of a kid standing still in their costume. Let them play and laugh! Those are the best pictures and when you look back years from now, you’ll be so grateful you captured such happiness.

Capture emotions. Get really close up on the face to eliminate distractions. Focus on your child’s face to capture the emotion. If they aren’t particularly happy, take a picture of whatever is going on. They can be pensive or even in tears. Sometimes we tend to avoid these emotions, but as long as they aren’t having a full blown temper-tantrum, click the shutter.

Be creative. Try shooting above or below. And even from behind. Have fun with your kids!

Zoom In! Get the details of the costumes. This helps complete the story. Take pictures of their feet, shoes, hands, hats, bags and anything else you find tells your story of Halloween.

Catch every moment. Decorations, carving the pumpkin, animals at the pumpkin patch, sleeping kids at the end of parties, bags full of treats at the end of the night, before and after shots of parties, close ups of food. Remember that Halloween isn’t just about costumes. There is SO much going on you’ve got to step back and try to capture as much as you can.

Consider location. Think about where Halloween happens for you. Is it the pumpkin patch? Your front porch? Walking down the street? Wherever Halloween happens for you, if you photograph your kids there, it will mean so much more to you over the years. And if you’re consistent in your location every year, you’ve got an automatic growth chart. You’ll have a visual representation of your kids getting bigger, older, and eventually “too cool.” So take pictures while you can. We all know the day is coming when they aren’t going to want to dress up.

Don’t wait for Halloween. Outings to the pumpkin patch or a school party are two great excuses to snap a few pictures. Taking pictures early helps relieve the stress of Halloween night. Can’t make it out before trick-or-treating? Have the kids get dressed when it’s still light out and take some quick pictures outside. Think of it as a dry run.

Make sure your camera is on and has charged batteries! It seems so obvious, but think about how many times you’ve grabbed your camera and found the batteries drained? Or you memory card full? Take a moment to make sure everything’s all set.

Now that you have your amazing photos, make sure to browse the fun Halloween-themed pages on How Fast Time Flies™ to create your own unique digi-scrapbook.

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