Boca Beth: Teach Your Child How to Speak Español!

Being raised by immigrant parents in a bilingual household I recognize the value of being fluent in two languages. However, as a second-generation Spaniard, I have struggled with how to teach my daughter to speak Spanish when English is the language that I usually find myself talking (and thinking) in. I was excited to check out the Boca Beth Gift Set ($50).

The gift-set includes a see through, vinyl, child-sized backpack stuffed with Boca Beth bilingual products including a CD with sing-along songs, a learning DVD, a puppet (with the original Boca character which appears in the DVD movie), a coloring book and either an egg shaker or maraca. The set also includes a How To guide for parents and caregivers to help you along the learning journey.

We liked the music cd and my daughter was able to sing along within only a few listens. She was also a HUGE fan of the hand-puppet but she wasn’t as into the DVD. I think her Spanish may be a bit too advanced for it at this point which may have been what deterred her. We passed it along to her 4-year-old cousin who is not exposed to Spanish on a daily basis (the program’s target audience as it was created for monolingual children) and within a week he was naming things in Spanish. Pretty amazing stuff! In fact, his mom got really into the program (the How To guide is very easy to follow and actually quite helpful) and his progress (and hers!) is pretty incredible.

Based on my experience I would highly recommend this program to someone whose child does not speak or hear Spanish on a regular basis. Though this program was not really created for someone like my daughter (someone who understands Spanish fluently, just refuses to speak it most of the time) she was still able to enjoy bits and pieces of it and I was able to use the How to Guide as a reinforcer so it was not a total failure. I actually do think that I would have really benefited from something like this if I had used it from the time that she was born. (The program is good for children from birth to age eight.)

I do feel that I should point out that the “narrator” is not a native speaker. I personally do not think that is an issue (especially if you are not a native speaker either) but it caught me off-guard so I thought I’d just put it out there.

This program was really well done and I think parents who are willing to sit down with their kids and introduce a second-language (home-schooling parents should definitely check it out) will really enjoy it.


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