Update: Contest: Blurb: What Will Your Book Be?

Update:The Celebrity Baby Blog community has a lot of great book ideas! The response to Blurb’s contest of ten $29.95 credits was so inspiring, they’re offering our readers 10% off on a book. The offer is good through March 15, so gather your photographs, stories, recipes, and other content and head to www.blurb.com to download Blurb’s BookSmart software to your PC or Mac to get started. When you’re satisfied with your book and have hit “publish,” enter celbabq108 at check-out for your 10% discount.

Here are the winners and their plans for their Blurb Books. What will you create?

  • Carey said, "My plan is to write a story to my 2 year old about the importance of her environment. I’ll be using photos that have been taken by her family members so she will recognize the subject matter. I want to make the conservation effort applicable to her "little" world and help her understand her role."
  • Laura said, "My mother has wanted to write a children’s book for years. She has the text completed and my husband is illustrating it. I’d love to present it to her in a finished format."
  • Jennifer said, "My book will be a customized ABCs book for my 3 year old daughter with pictures of all her favorite things to help her learn hers ABCs. B is for Ballet, I is for Ice Cream, P is for Princess, etc."
  • Amber said, "I have been checking out their site for a few weeks but do not have the $$ to put towards this right now. I just splurged on clothes for my daughter! Anyways, my book would be “Life with Emma*Cakes” just like my blog. It would be awesome to have a book detailing our everyday moments and pictures!"
  • Christina said, "My book would definitely be a cookbook. I’d put all of my family recipes in it."
  • Allison said, "My husband and I got married 18 months ago. We still don’t have a wedding album because we had made one through Kodak. I spent an ENTIRE weekend putting the photos together in the layout that I wanted and we spent about 600 dollars on our book and books for our
    parents and grandparents. When they finally shipped them to us, they were total crap. The quality was so horrible and the experience was so bad that I haven’t tried to go through the process again. I figure that if you guys are recommending this product, maybe it would be worth it! I’d love to finally have a wedding album."
  • Carla said, "A cultural family history– It’s something I’ve been scheming in my head for sometime now and can’t wait to get done! I want to put together something goes back to her great-great-grandparents (or as far back as we can go) and show her where each was born. This way she’ll be able to always know where she came from."
  • Enix said, "My book will be a compilation of photos and text about my daughter’s journey through Autism."
  • Maria Angelica said, "My book will be: a collection of memories of my baby’s first year with his family. He has brought so much joy to so many people, that it should be published. He is our first born, the first grand child and great grandchild to both our families. We have taken such beautiful pictures of him!! and I think a book that contains them is a great idea, he will appreciate it when he’s older. "
  • And Kathleen, who gets the prize for most unusual book topic, said, "My book would be a photo book of public bathrooms from around the world."


Getting published used to be reserved for world renowned photographers, best-selling authors, and celebrities. Now, Blurb’s creative publishing service makes anyone an author of a bookstore quality book. Every family, traveler, photographer, bride, cook, poet, teacher, blogger, and artist has a book inside them waiting to be published. What’s yours?

Download Blurb’s free BookSmart software for your PC or Mac at www.blurb.com and get started. Select from lots of design layouts and tools to customize your book. Books start at $12.95.

Looking for inspiration? Browse the Blurb bookstore and check out The Thievery Corporation’s photography book documenting their recent world tour or designer Michelle Kaufmann’s beautiful Prefab Green book.

Blurb is giving away ten $29.95 credits towards a book. You create it, we’ll publish it.

Click below for details on how to enter.

Enter to win one of ten $29.95 Blurb credits. Email the following info to celebritybabyblogATgmail.com (make sure you replace AT with @).

  • Your full name, email address, and mailing address.
  • What will your book be?
  • Make sure you put "Blurb" in the subject line in order for your entryto be counted.

Giveaway closes February 9 at 7 am EST. (For giveaway terms & conditions, click here.)

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