Blue Celery

The first thing I noticed about Blue Celery carriers ($100CAD) is their beautiful, gender-neutral colors. Made in Canada from organic cotton, the edges of the carrier are even serged in complementary colors that add to the cool-mama (or cool-papa — the colors really are dad-friendly) fashion statement. Good looks aside, all you have to do is wear a Blue Celery carrier and you’ll be hooked. The pouches are easy to put on and take off, so if you’ve got one of those in-and-out babies, this is definitely the carrier for you. The fabric is also super-soft, nicely stretchy, and quite lightweight, making it a perfect all-season carrier. The fact that it’s easy to put on anywhere you go (without the long dangly fabric that might scare some away from wraps) is what makes this carrier perfect for everyone who is new to babywearing. And the carrier comes in a cool unbleached cotton lunch bag, perfect for toting it around town when you’re not toting someone in the carrier!

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— Stephanie

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