August 22, 2005 05:59 AM

As Joey would say, ‘Woah!’ Clarissa, Punky, and now Blossom, all expecting. Blossom star Mayim Bialik, 29, and her husband Michael Stone are expecting their first child this fall. No further information is available. You may have seen Mayim earlier this year when she guest starred twice on Fat Actress, but other than that, she has been working on her doctorate degree at UCLA-although she may be done by now!

Source: E! True Hollywood Story and J’adore at CelebKids. Click below for the story of a sighting of her last week.

I saw her at lunch the other day. She asked if she could step in front of me in line to ask a question and I was like "of course!" because she looked like she should have had the baby like last week…then my intern poked me and whispered "thats totally Blossom." It was on Wilshire in Santa Monica, so thats an area close enough to UCLA to make sense…

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