By peoplestaff225
Updated January 27, 2006 09:23 PM

My husband, Anya and I have been invited to go to and will be going to Amsterdam, almost-all-expense-paid, courtesy of and, as part of a very interesting program called Bloggers in Amsterdam. I have to admit that I am confused about the impetus behind this, I am very excited to be visiting this beautiful city. Coincidentally, Josh and I recently watched a Rick Steve’s Europe Through the Backdoor episode about Holland and decided we needed to add Amsterdam to our "places to visit" list.

Here are the deets… We’re getting free roundtrip airfare on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which I hear is very nice, and my experience has taught me that non-American airlines are a lot nicer. We’ll be staying for five nights at either the Lloyd Hotel or the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky — both five star hotels near the center of Amsterdam. We also get an I amsterdam Card, giving us free transportation around the city, gratis entrance to lots of museums and discounts at restaurants, etc.

In exchange for the trip each blogger will [a] be interviewed about the trip (the Dutch Tourism Board may be using this for online/offline promotions), [b] give one month of premium adspace, and [c] put the "Bloggers in Amsterdam" logo in their nav bar for one year, linking it to this blog post to disclose the nature of the trip. We aren’t required to blog about the trip but I may feel inspired to blog while there, that is, if our hotel has high speed internet access or we find an internet cafe (which seem to be all over Europe but not so much in the US).

We will be joined by gossip bloggers Jossip, Perez Hilton and Pink is the new Blog, food bloggers 101 Cookbooks, Slice NY and The Food Section (my husband’s site), husband and wife tag team bloggers Dooce and Blurbomat, New York City blog Cityrag, my old email penpal and some other blogs I’ve never read so I don’t know how to classify them… AMERICAblog, Brian Flemming, Chromewaves, Coolfer, Culturekitchen, Ezra Klein, Finslippy, Majikthise, Oh la la Paris, Oliver Willis, Outside the Beltway, Scenestars, Suburban Bliss, and TalkLeft.