By peoplestaff225
Updated June 05, 2007 10:00 AM

Mother-of-Six Entrepreneur Replaces Raunchy with Inspirational

Shaelyn Werner was disappointed in the selection of stylishly cut maternity tees that leaned on the side of “Girls Gone Wild” rather than “Mommy and Me.” She was equally disinterested in wearing a boxy t-shirt reminiscent of her husband’s wardrobe. To solve this problem, Werner launched the new Blessence Maternity collection, in anticipation of the birth of her seventh child, Skylor Blessence.

Unsuccessful in finding hip maternity shirts that reflected uplifting and inspirational messages, Werner channeled frustration into filling this void in the marketplace with the development of Blessence’s sleek line of fitted t-shirts for mother and baby. Some of her featured slogans for expectant mothers are "Blessed Baby," "Baby Love," "Simply Divine," "Mommy and Me," and "Match Made in Heaven." And for babies, "Angel," "Beloved Baby," and "Heavenly Sent."

The collection also includes crystal rhinestone shirts for the pregnant goddess and a sports collection fort the mom-to-be sports fanatic. Excited to introduce Blessence Maternity to a wider audience, Werner also launched a few of her favorite t-shirt slogans in Spanish.

Texas-native Werner has captured the attention of celebrity parents including “Desperate Housewives’” Marcia Cross, “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Chandra Wilson and other Hollywood moms like Tori Spelling, Tisha Campbell and Melina Kankaredes.

Werner’s messages are a breath of fresh air next to the many maternity tees that depict pregnancy sarcastically or as something to dread. Her stylish t-shirts communicate messages of love, serenity, reflection and gratefulness.